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Are you looking for a professional and affordable landscaper in Phoenix? How do you find the best landscaper? If you look online, every landscaping company will tell you that they are the best, and they will give you a list of reasons as to why you should choose them over every other landscaping company in Phoenix. Google rankings and online reviews can be manipulated, so looking at Google reviews isn’t always a strong indicator of how the company operates.

If you are looking for a trusted, reputed landscaper in Phoenix, AZ, then AMS Landscaping invites you to contact us online, or you can reach us by phone at 602-944-0421. We are happy to discuss your landscaping needs and see how we can assist you. If you would like, we can visit your land and give you a no-pressure, no-obligation quotation that’s guaranteed good for 90 days. Hey, it never hurts to get a free quote!

5 Tips to Find the Best Landscaper in Phoenix, AZ

Let the following five tips guide you in your decision-making when choosing a Phoenix landscaping company to work with:

#1: Compare Multiple Quotes

There’s nothing wrong with getting more than one quote from local landscapers. In fact, doing so is highly advised. By comparing multiple quotes, you can get a general idea of what the right price is for the services you are looking for and see who is making you a fair offer and who is not.

#2: Look for Excessive Negative Reviews

While it is true that online reviews can be manipulated, and so, they should be taken with a grain of salt, online reviews still mean something! If you notice that a landscaper in Phoenix has too many bad or negative reviews, you might want to take this as a sign that you should keep looking for a landscaper. 

#3: Meet the People Behind the Company

The best Phoenix, AZ landscaping companies are those that have the best people from top to bottom. A brand name can only carry so much weight! You want to meet the owners and the people who will be performing the tasks before you decide to hire them.

#4: View the Company’s Portfolio

No two landscaping jobs are identical. This is why it’s so important to choose a company that has experience with similar landscape designs in Phoenix. Look at their portfolio, ask for professional references, and see if the company has experience working on projects similar to yours.

#5: Listen to Your Gut

When it’s all said and done, you will have to listen to your gut and follow your instincts. After talking to the landscaping company on the phone and meeting them in person, ask yourself how you feel about them. Do they seem completely honest and transparent, or is there some doubt lingering in the back of your mind? You want to be completely sure that you have chosen the right landscapers in Phoenix, so be sure you feel good about hiring them.

Landscaper In Phoenix

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