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“Work smarter, not harder, dummy!” Surely, you have heard someone use this saying before. Well, we don’t think you are a dummy for working harder, but still, CLIP would like to help you to work smarter. CLIP’s easy to use field service software helps business owners to do just that – to work smarter! By having a singular unified system of record, your back office will be able to complete tasks with ease, and your business will be more efficient and profitable.

How CLIP Software Can Help Your Company

CLIP’s field service software makes it fast and easy to look up customers, follow-up on leads, create appointments, or schedule jobs from any device at any location. Your customers can easily schedule appointments at their own convenience by using our online booking feature. With flexible pricing and invoicing options, you will be able to bill for actual or estimated hours, flat-rate services, or by a unit of measure.

CLIP software also makes it easier to set up service packages and offerings to better prepare for jobs. You can enter unit of measure details, such as square footage or the number of rooms, so your technicians will always be prepared for their next job.

Can I Get Paid with CLIP Field Service Software?

One of our clients’ favorite features of CLIP field service software is that it makes getting paid super-easy! For example, getting paid doesn’t require a lot of manual back-office work with CLIP. CLIP software makes it easy to accept payments from credit cards, bulk payments from authorized agreements, keeping credit cards on file, and accepting payments directly from technicians in the field.

By downloading our mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store, your technicians will have access to all of the information that they need from the field. Technicians who use our mobile app can even gather signatures from customers, add notes, and capture relevant photos while on site. All of this data will be made instantly available to your back office.

CLIP Software Can be Used for Marketing and Appointment Reminders

With CLIP software, you can even launch a marketing campaign to promote your field services via email or text message. Text messages and emails can also be used to send friendly service reminders and reminders of upcoming appointments with your customers or your technicians. Your business will save time and money by using our powerful root optimization options. Keep track of your vehicles and technicians in the field with integrated GPS and driver behavior features.

Your office managers can use timesheets to capture and approve working hours, breaks, and time off. Your employees can even enter their own timesheet information from the mobile app. This isn’t all that CLIP field service software does! For example, you can create customizable reports for billing, timesheets, scheduling, activity, and more! Contact CLIP today to if you would like to try our software for free for 30 days.

Field Service Software

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