Elevator Service Newark

Elevators are intricate devices. They combine electrical, hydraulic, and door systems. Finding a Newark NJ elevator service you can trust when something goes wrong is difficult. With over 3000 years of combined experience, VDA knows elevators.

What can go wrong with my elevator?

As a device that handles tons of people and goods every day, many things can go wrong with your elevator. Any system can fail.

If the floor is not level with the elevator floor, you need to consider service. Lights go out, buttons may stop working, and brakes start to wear.

Building a New Elevator

Construction can be more difficult than service. Planning systems that last for decades or centuries requires as much or more knowledge that keep your parts up to date.

VDA has projects across the globe to back up its experience in elevator construction. Our work across the globe includes the Bank of America Tower in New York City, Chase Bank renovation in Chicago and Cayan Tower in Dubai.

Experienced Elevator Repair Company

The company you choose should be able to work with your building. Not every building is the same. The Statue of Liberty is not the same as your local bank.

VDA project managers coordinate people and supplies across the world to ensure that every project works smoothly. Our teams consist of engineers who collaborated on more than 37000 projects over 40 years in business.

What are the challenges of elevator service and construction in Newark?

Elevator companies in Newark fall under unique state regulations and deal with some of the oldest skyscrapers in human history. It is essential that the best Newark NJ elevator companies be able to handle different situations.

Our teams bring the experience and knowledge of the trade to your building. Our headquarters is down the road in East Hanover.

Dedicated Project Management

Whether you are looking for service or construction, you need to know that your elevator service company has the knowledge and supplies to accomplish your project. A dedicated project manager ensures that everything progresses without a hitch.

We manage people and supplies as we have for decades to get projects done on time and on budget. Many buildings start with the elevator shaft. Never trust your project to a company that will create delays.

Private Elevator Company

Private companies survive on their service. We are not tied to the whims of stockholders. This allows us to focus on quality instead of quantity.

M. Wade Smith leads a team of 180 professionals across America with a single goal. We provide quality vertical transportation solutions without compromising safety for durability. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and promote from within to keep our mission alive.

Newark NJ Elevator Services Company

Experience, people, and processes keep elevators functioning. Your building is designed around your elevator shaft. Understanding the ins and outs of elevator engineering keeps your tenants moving.

With 40 years of experience and tens of thousands of completed projects, VDA can complete a diverse range of projects. Get in touch with us at 973-994-9220.

Elevator Service Newark

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