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You will find yourself spending more time indoors, and the garage as the weather cools down. You will inevitably realize that your items are in a chaotic order. Adding a few DIY planks on the wall could solve the problem of only a few boxes. Custom garage interiors make the maintenance easy and give you better pointers for improvement.

Types of garage storage systems

garage storage system is one of the most efficient garage interiors. It would be futile to find a storage system that does not accommodate all your items or loses strength after several uses.

Overhead storage

The space above your head is rarely a viable candidate as storage space. Making use of the underrated space will free up room along the walls and on the floor of the garage. The heavy-duty storage racks that can hold up to 600 pounds can accommodate heavy tools of different sizes. The best overhead storage space will accommodate items like furniture, storage bins, and vehicle tires.

Specialty storage racks

These storage spaces are convenient for specific storage needs. Typically, the spaces can accommodate items, which would otherwise have damage when in the presence of excess moisture. These unique storage spaces include:

  • Heavy-duty shelving with powder coating
  • Firewood racks to keep wood dry
  • Rust-resistant shelves to store steel that can quickly gain rust

Slatwall storage

The walls have a vast length that can accommodate a vast array of storage spaces. The technician can build the cabinet on the wall so that it is immoveable and seems to be the new wall of the garage. This case is, however, only possible if you have enough room for all your cars and movement to maneuver various aspects of the room.


Custom garage interiors like cabinets offer the best functionality and aesthetics. The wide array of colors can match any theme of your preferred design. The conjunction of their visibility makes them compliment your room in a myriad of ways – you can move each piece to match the newest model of the room.

Garage Interior Inc. has storage cabinets that can store both large and small items. You do not have to sort through a clatter of bottles to differentiate the detergent’s bottle from the coolant. The task-oriented storage space eases time and energy.

The material of the storage space


There are three main types of materials:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal


The material is decently affordable and robust enough to hold your car repair tools. The only precaution you should have about wood is it can easily absorb chemicals and spills like oil.


Plastic is an economical option that is easy to find. Be cautious of using plastic storage cabinets if you want to store bulky items like the tire of a truck. Remember that you may have to replace the cabinet sooner than you will other alternatives because it has more possibilities to cracking and breakage.


This storage material is the most substantial and longest-lasting variation. It is best to use a metal cabinet storage space when you do not plan to move it too often because it will cause a physical breakdown of the floor.

Custom Garage Interiors

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