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Choosing the right floor plan for your new home plays a vital role in the entire building process. While comparing different available option, it’s necessary to know how well your family will utilize the space and how it suits your lifestyle. The choice of your floor plan will influence how you experience your new home, right from its shape to its style.

Floor plan exists in various kinds and selecting the right one could be overwhelming, but we are at your rescue. As one of the best Cape Coral home builders, we’ve brought to the table a few but essential tips to help you make the right floor plan selection that best suits you.

Home Size

Amidst all others, the size of your new home should be considered first when selecting your floor plan. No one wants to run the risk of over- or under-building their home. As you surf through different home plans, make a list of specific features your home should possess like the numbers of bedroom you want, whether you need a formal dining room or not, your kitchen style, and many others. A compilation of these details will successfully help in finding the right floor plan. 

What Your Current Home Lacks

One of the primary reasons why most homeowners choose to build their own houses is to design a place to their tastes. Sometimes, you might have outgrown your space and experiencing growing pains, or maybe you need more open spaces instead of smaller rooms due to a change in your lifestyle. Or perhaps you’re not just satisfied with the current home style. Deciding what your present home lacks helps you narrow your search by disqualifying plans that are that similar to what you’re avoiding. If you think your current home is too small, you have a high starting point for square footage requirement while looking through plans.  

Decorating Style

As all home designer keeps talking about the open concept, not everyone appreciates it, for you and your family members, separate rooms with enough space might be preferable. However, finding a floor plan that best meets your decorating style is essential. Whether you’re the type who loves large, comfy furniture, or you prefer formal furnishings, your preference to decorate your space will be primarily impacted by your home’s floor plan.    


Sometimes, homeowners know what they want their dream home to look like, but it’s crucial to find out the cost and set your budget for your particular home size or style. Making enquiries from a home builder will provide you with an insight into the overall cost of building your dream home. With the right information, you will determine if you’re buoyant enough to afford the price so that you can with your plans.  

Selecting a floor plan could be sometimes cumbersome, but there are many fantastic plans available. But there is a significant difference between a good plan and the right plan, and the difference is finding the plan that suits and works for your lifestyle.

Carney Properties remains one of the renowned Cape Coral home builders, and consulting us will make the entire process easier. Reach us today!

Cape Coral Home Builders

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